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You can use just about any editor that you're comfortable with, but there's many reasons to use an editor designed for programmer's. These programs will help you spot errors, and generally speed the coding process up significantly.

This editor I use is Brackets. It's open source, and it's free. It runs on Linux, OS X and Windows. You can download your own copy be clicking here.

Once you have your first page ready to publish, you'll want to find a host, so the world can visit your page. For information about hosts, click here.

Once you find a suitable host, you'll need an FTP client to manage the files on your website. Some free hosts do not allow FTP access, in which case, you'll need to use their file manager. The FTP client I use is Filezilla. Filezilla is a free, open source program that runs on Linux, OS X and windows. You can download a copy here.

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