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Welcome to eCurrencyParadise

eCurrency is electronic information. This site has information on open source initiatives. Decentralization and security are a large part of this. There are also a lot of links and information on ancient knowledge. Science, history and self sufficiency are also major topics, along with health and longevity. There are also sections on computers, electronics, golf and music, especially focused on electric guitar. And some makerville type stuff and woodworking. All the information here is free for you to use as you see fit.

The step by step build your own free website tutorial can be found here. Everything you need to start building your own website for free, including a free host.

Start your own e-commerce site with OpenBazaar, on a Raspberry Pi. Step by step instructions here.

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There's a list of links here.

Bitcoin is the leading virtual currency of the Internet.


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